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Feb 8, 63 37 Barringtonl, NJ www. It dawned on me recently that I've rarely seen any children's books about the Pines. Does anyone know of any other children's books? As a future elementary school teacher, it would be good if I were to start collecting them. Nov 8, 4, 1, Near Mt. Bob bobpbx has an old pine barrens childerns book which is probably way out o f print. I can't remember the name.

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Oct 25, 11, 2, 1, Pines; Bamber area. Yes, a friend of mine, Barry you may know him loaned it to me. It is uniquely Pine Barren and was actually fun and easy to read. Especially since I get excited about finding rare plants in the pines. Sep 7, 1, 57 1, 49 Pestletown.

This might be a small help Mike In the interest of your future students I don't know so much about kid oriented Pines books but when I was young Aside from all of N. Good luck though with whatever you look for. There is an antique shop right here by my work that has some 60's issues. They are neat. Small handbook like jobbies. They don't want much for 'em so I think I'll pick them up. Books, there are plenty of scholarly types on this site. Someone get on it! Jerseyman Piney.

Sep 10, 1, 1, West New Jersey www. LARGO said:. Jerseyman, Pines fiction Of which I've read some, seems some writers just don't use the facts of the pines to set the stage proper in their books, thus making them fictional in all aspects as well as Pines fact of which the list is endless, still lacks for the most part I think what Mike is shooting for. I like the idea of informed kiddies where the region is concerned but reading that would be deemed " fun for the littlins' " is scant. I do appreciate that list by the way. Looks like some good stuff this Big Kid will be looking into.

Thanks much!

Pine Barrens Childrens Books

A little something In a previous post on this thread I mentioned some old New Jersey Outdoors issues in a little shop near where I work. I went there today and read through and bought a couple. Actually I think they would be nice nostalgic reference for like a Scott or other hunter type to have. Interesting deer and fish stats from their period.

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I won't plug the shop but they are only 1 buck a piece. There are about 20 left. I would gladly pick them up if anybody wanted them and just mail them to you. In the back pages of these is a "violaters roundup" section. Jacqueline Seewald New Member. Jan 27, 2 0 1. The reason I originally wrote the book was because I found so little information on the Jersey Devil and the Pine Barrens for children.

I was an educational media specialist working at the elementary school level at the time. I decided to write a faction book to facilitate fourth grade projects. Eventually, I spoke to Afton Publishing and gave them a copy of the book. I'm still fascinated with New Jersey history and am always glad to find new publications about our state. The Autumn Dead. Ed Gorman. The Trapdoor.

Andrew Klavan. Four Star Writers. Tat Stern. Arrow From Nowhere. Robert Leslie Bellem. Two Way Toll. Zachary Klein. Lying with the Dead.

Michael Mewshaw. Hill Spirits. Edited by Gwynn Scheltema. Short and Twisted Kathryn Duncan. Why I'm Afraid to Poop in Public. Jason Blackford. Helen Breedlove. Fuzzball is Very Fast. Philip Kaufman.

Brief Grislys. John R. The Hanging Stranger. Philip K. A Sinister Grin. Ron Houston. Jerry Byrum. Valerie Trueblood. Richmond Noir. Andrew Blossom. Amina Gautier. Hope Janitorial.

La Sombra del Divino Nazareno

GM Weger. Jockey Days. Donna Moss. Rick Ollerman. Sinners and Other Saints. Nancy Crouchman. All I've Done For You. Joanne Greenberg. Rosemary Aubert. Oisin Mcgann. The Weakness of Gravity. Maureen Tadlock. Served with a Twist.

The Story of Charles Whitman: The University Of Texas Tower Shooter - Mr. Davis

The Andersons. Paula Rae Wallace. Evie Christie. Red Holler. John Branscum. Axeman's Jazz. Tracy Daugherty. The Painted Killer. Zach Neal.

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