What Yoga Can Do For Your Butt: A Spanking Story

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I don't enjoy punishment to the point where I actively seek it out. I would genuinely try to avoid such a scene. Just being under those conditions, under my wife's strict and caring authority, knowing how she disciplines, is exciting in and of itself. If punishment is needed, then I'm fearful but aroused, which is the psychological state of being punished that fulfills my kink.

Sexual attraction to my wife would be greatly enhanced by her desire and ability to embrace the role of strict traditional disciplinarian. Any creative sexuality she brings to it is icing on the cake, so to speak. Thanks for the weight loss tips, but did you leave anything out at the end? Such as any hot sex for either or both of you?

How great to get a picture of david! I'm wondering, did that paddle stay wedged in his crack on it's own or did it require effort on his part to keep it in place? I've only done one or two before, and only bits, I believe. This one was pretty "full body", and pretty humiliating! Needed to share!

The "ball support" was hugely helpful for keeping that paddle there.

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Great post. I find that you have a great understanding of the psychology of pretend "discipline" as a motivator. You are right that "punishing" someone with spankings that they actually crave is illogical. But it is also true, as you say, that the playing the game of being a strict disciplinary wife can provide great erotic motivation to meet goals.

Why is My Angry Child So Angry?

That works not only for weight loss but for maintaining a strict regimen of domestic servitude, if a couple is into that as my wife and I are. By the way, I love your Muskoka souvenir canoe paddle! It is so Canadian! And you have to think that the people who make and sell those things know they have a kinky application. Oh, you just know they know!

Like Hitachi and their magic wand. Hilarious if you can find it!

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Just found your blog about a week ago. Enjoying it very much. The wife and I dabble in female domination and spanking. After reading a few random posts I decided to start at the beginning. Very good to see the progression. Wish I could find one of those Muskoka paddles Julie We tried the Keto diet but it is a bit difficult to follow Sounds like uour neighbours will get quite a show if they pay an unexpected visit. I bet you feel like had good workout lol wish i could have you as my trainer i wouldnt mind even if fear of getting hard otk spankings hard spanks every implement you own.

Weight training tips and a great spanking in one blog.


Only been reading yours for the last couple of years the Mags series was great! And what a fantastic ass He has!! OMG, no wonder you - and your Sis - love to spank him! Not to be greedy, but more pics like that would be lovely.

Monday, February 4 Fat Loss and Spanking. Spanking and humiliation assisting with health and fat loss is something I have long experience with. I had to give my husband a very humiliating spanking and corner-time punishment this past weekend to keep him on the right path, so the topic is very fresh in my mind.

My most frequent ask from e-subbies is to help them with their weight loss. This blog post will have a lot of sexy bits, will describe a very severe punishment for my husband from the weekend, and will also be educational regarding exactly what you should do if you are interested in losing fat I say losing fat rather than losing weight, as we want to maintain and even gain muscle mass.

I was going to post my solo experience with Violet this time, but because of what happened on the weekend I was inspired to post on this topic instead. Have no fear, my Violet episode was already fully written and edited while still fresh in my mind, so we can safely leave that for a bit and not lose any of the rawness of that experience. People imagine that the spanking is somehow "punishment", and because of the desire to avoid said "punishment", the submissive will work hard at their program.


The Perfect Bitch Part 2 - the Spanking

The submissive craves the spanking, how can it possibly work in that manner? In our case, the fantasy of my husband having his wife strictly correct him to keep him on the straight and narrow is what he really craves. Therefore I play with this. I play the strict wife keeping him on track.

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For him, it makes the program fun and sexy and interesting and keeps him at it when the going gets tough. It also means there's a lot of wifely attention on his program, which will make it go better.

Some people, I'm sure, are motivated by not wanting a spanking. I was a case in point. I remarked to David that I really needed to lose 5 pounds. He, being a good husband, was incredulous, and said how terrific I looked and there was no need. But the scale and my hips don't lie.

I needed to lose 5 pounds. He offered to help. He asked me about my goals, and I told him it was 1 pound per week for 5 weeks. He offered that if I fell short of my goal at the end of any given week, he would give me a spanking. He said it would be a real, hard, over-his-knee, bare bottom, hand spanking to tears, for as long and as hard as he decided. I really, really did not want this!

Jones, Nattie - Spanking Stories to Warm Your Bottom and Your Heart - 道客巴巴

But I agreed to the bargain, exactly because I did not want it. And guess what? I was so terrified of that spanking that I lost 2 pounds a week and exceeded my target in a shorter time! Posted at on 9 Apr by Girl on the Net in anal eroticism , bare bottom , denim , domestic , erotic , lingerie , Pandora Blake , POV , shorts , solo-F , striptease , thong.

Two more: short shorts. This week's scene is not only a hot tease by a lady with a gorgeous bottom, it's a handy visual demonstration of just which clothes best show off a lovely bum. Pandora Blake is off on a date, and she just can't decide what to wear. So, from tight yoga pants to sexy short shorts , she shows you exactly what the options are, and just how nicely they all highlight the full curves of her big butt.

Personally, I'm a fan of yoga pants. No matter what shape your bottom, the tight fabric clings and hugs so well that — in my opinion — it'll look so deliciously spankable that it's pretty hard to resist. Despite the fact that they cover every inch of each buttock, they're so tight they're close to being naked. Obviously, Pandora works this outfit with exactly the style and confidence of someone who knows the appeal of a beautiful big bum. Tight shorts are to a bottom what dangling jewelry is to a cleavage — they're like a highlighter, pointing right at something beautiful and saying 'look!

Appreciate me! There's something incredibly satisfying about a lovely big bum. My bum, like the rest of my body, grows and shrinks on a relatively regular annual cycle — getting smaller in the summer when it's too hot to eat much, then getting nice and big and plump just after Christmas when I've gorged myself on roast potatoes. There's something very satisfying — and, of course, spankable — about a bottom with full curves.

A big bum that you squeeze into a pair of jeans, letting the fabric stretch tight and taut across your buttocks. He shoots me a stern look and gets out, marching around the front of the truck. Then he opens my door, unbuckles my seatbelt, and yanks me out.