Wet Hot and Wild American Yogi: A Memoir

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Rachel recently posted So, I write. Try again. Are you getting an error message? Will it let you look at the link at all?

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I see new names coming in. Just lemme know. Jenny the bloggess recently posted And then all of my fingers fell off. Thanks, Ali noaliaqui. As I write this tears of intense sorrow are running down my face — I pre-ordered your book from Amazon. Us dodgie pale faces in Blighty need your wisdom too! Why has Amazon. Are there any other options for obtaining it outside of the US? Hi Jenny! Hi from the UK, Jenny. Long have I loved your blog. No-one can make me laugh and sometimes cry like you!

So I pre-ordered your book in a frenzy of excitement! But amazon. Can I please add my plea to those of the other bereft UK people above for advice on how to get hold of the book? Jenny the bloggess recently posted Dreams are assholes. Thank you Jenny. Can I get this in the UK?


Vicky Frankland recently posted Trashing the Memory Palace. I think I pre ordered the book…my iPad closed my browser! I wonder if the apple people will find this and remove it,,,. I almost used zombies to teach my child about Easter, but I wanted to avoid a nasty note from the Christian daycare. Ashley recently posted The birds and the tees. As much as I love Amazon for the hard-to-find soft-core gay tv series hello! Plus, I can talk their ears off about the author and make them sell more books… Just looking for the release date so I can pester the locals.

Love your friendship with Laura. Amazon will not let me.


I am deemed unworthy. I think it is because I am Scottish. They will however let me buy it once it is released?!?!? They just refuse to let me pre-order it. I have set an alarm on my Kindle to buy it as soon as it is released. If this is what they do. I totally have them fathomed…………. One of the perks of working at a book store BAM is that I get to peek at the advanced copies sent to the store. Plus, it makes me feel a bit better about my own fucked up childhood, so thanks!

I advise those who have pre-ordered it to also invest in a pack of adult diapers. I sincerely hope that you wander through Tennessee sometime for a book signing. I have the copy of your introduction letter to Books-a-Million that was tucked between the pages of the book. I am keeping it. I might frame it.

It is a literary masterpiece! I only wish I could have it autographed. Your book is hysterical. I work at a bookstore and we get advanced reads of books before they come out. Publishers send books not yet published to get booksellers to read them and help sell copies when the book does eventually come out. I was torn on whether to preorder or hold out until I am employed again. Done and done!

Now I get to eagerly await packages in the mail, which is my second favorite thing. Wow, rude. I thought you would make sure it was avail to me early. Just to prove a point. Why do I try typing things within the first 2 hours of being awake. What do I want with another book, Jenny? I pre-ordered it — but only because you told me too. I like how being on the internet means I never have to make my own decisions. People tell me what to do and I do it. He needs help in transporting the bulk of his estate over here to Canada. How awesome is that? Kelly L recently posted Filler.

Cream Cheese Filler. Betty Fokker recently posted A distinct lack of justice and mercy.

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Just wanted to say that A you are awesome B though I follow you on Twitter and read the Blog, it was a tweet from a Canadian publisher which led me here, which, as a Canadian, I find kinda awesome see A and B how do manage to find yourself amongst so many whose work I admire? You have Wil Wheaton collating paper, Simon Pegg holding Twine which totally blew my mind as he is a Geek God to me until… you got a freaking book blurb from Neil Gaiman!

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It has made my list of must reads which, because of my financial circumstances and love of physical copies of things, has become a difficult list to gain a space on. I just realized your book comes out on my birthday.


Wet Hot and Wild American Yogi: A Memoir - Shyam Dodge - كتب Google

If Hunter S. Amazon UK now seem to have a listing again. Paperback only, for reasons not explained. Probably with a bullet. I love the incredibly dramatic mouse on your cover. He reminds me of a terribly sick joke we played on our child shortly after her beloved hamster, Rosco, passed away.

We were cleaning the garage and happened across a squished flat dehydrated mouse.

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What do we do with it? So our poor child comes home and bursts into tears because she thinks we have spray painted Rosco and hung him on a nail in our garage.