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  4. Online sales not available in California. Cannot be combined with other offers. No adjustments to prior purchases. If we have two houses and we want to distinguish between them then we can use this and that :. This one I inherited from my parents and that one across the road I bought two years ago. ICP : Google Tag Manager. Log in Subscribe Newsletter. Level: beginner this and these We use this singular and these plural as pronouns: to talk about people or things near us: This is a nice cup of tea. Be careful! Can I speak to Sally?

    We use this and these for people or things near us: We have lived in this house for twenty years. Back Next.

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    I've got a question. It's possible to say These are a drum and a car.

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    Thanks for you help. Hi Marua, People use both in this kind of situation, but there is a difference in use.

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    Hello pencil, Yes, you have several options. All of the following are fine: Hello. This is George. It's George here. George here. Peter The LearnEnglish Team. These are just a few of the areas where companies can fail their employees. In contrast, remote work allows people to work from home, an environment far more likely to be comfortable for them and to accommodate their particular needs.

    A common byproduct of remote work is a more flexible schedule, which is crucial for those who require medical care or rest during the day.

    Distributed employees also have more freedom to design their workspaces in a way that facilitates their productivity. For example, some neurodivergent people thrive in environments with frequent social interaction. Lydia is one of those people. They currently work in a co-located office space in downtown Washington D. Lydia argues that the potential benefits distributed work might provide to disabled and neurodivergent folks sometimes outweigh the benefits of co-located office spaces, and vice versa.

    Each approach has value.

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    For some disabled people, having a traditional co-located office space is a boon. People were built to be in community, that is how we evolved, evolutionarily speaking, if we want to go to basic biology. Employers should find more ways to allow individuals to modulate their work environments according to their personal needs. Lydia explains:. So how should office managers and designers think about making spaces comfortable for neurodivergent people and for those with physical disabilities?

    Lydia takes issue with that framing of the problem. Some autistic people crave natural sunlight and need a lot of it to function well. Others become uncomfortable when exposed to sunlight, finding it overstimulating, emotionally draining, or even painful. Colleagues with these disparate sets of needs cannot share a single workspace, or at least not the same room.

    Before devising a grand plan, HR teams can play a crucial role in making all employees comfortable and productive by simply inviting them to share how they view their ideal work environments, and truly listening when they provide answers. Listening is also important in a distributed context, where remote workers might not have as much face time with HR.

    In the example of a distributed employee lacking social interaction, Lydia suggests a potential solution: the company could invest in co-working space memberships for anyone who prefers not to work alone from home.