The Unchosen

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The Unchosen is his first novel.

The Unchosen

Alwarul the Old is an ancient wizard powerful beyond imagination but long forgotten in the world of men. In so doing, he awakens an ancient evil that will destroy the world of the living.

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But all is not lost; the goddess has chosen a hero to vanquish the darkness. But what will he do if he discovers that the old man is not crazy after all?

After finishing the last page, I am left with this unquenchable desire to know what happens next. The Unchosen is truly an epic tale filled with humor, magic and non-stop adventure. The dynamic between the characters is outstanding and makes for some awesome dialogue.

I must commend Simon Markusson on creating not only lovable characters but making the reader feel a part of the crew. The dwarf Molgrimin gave me many laugh out loud moments and teary ones too. As for the unlikely hero Nathelion, his story is a revelation.

From being a farm hand to an acting-hero to having his world turned topsy-turvy again when he discovers that the quest is real. All three young ladies seem to have missed the boat with the cool kids.

The Unchosen Ones-Takin' A Wee Breather,Something Less Stressful., Hopefully-51st Official YT Stream

They have ideas ranging from making a list of suitable potential boyfriends to strategically get themselves into the popular crowd. You can guess there is a mixed bag of results, some are cringe-worthy.

The Unchosen

I actually think with my light skimming this was a little more substantive since than the typical teen angst of this period. Although this book was outdated for my s teen years, I still would have read it. In fact I might have, since a lot of this book feels familiar. Does it have a place in a modern teen collection?

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Probably not. It might work with some modern teens, if you give them a good sell. I also think those readers my age and older might get a kick out of this little period piece from our collective past. I recall reading the hardcover edition.

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I graduated from high school in I am certain that I read this book.