The Recluse; A Lovecraftian Horror Story

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From this point on, most of the story involves the exchange of letters between the two characters.

Through their correspondence, we learn of the existence of an extraterrestrial race of monstrous beings that have an outpost in the Vermont hills where they mine a rare metal. They have no interest in the human race and usually hide from people. Nonetheless, they ruthlessly defend their outpost and their secrecy, often employing human agents with whom they have made secret pacts.

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The aforementioned agents intercept Akeley's messages and proceed to harass his farmhouse on a nightly basis. The two eventually exchange gunfire, killing many of Akeley's guard dogs. Although Akeley expresses more worry in his letters, he abruptly has a change of heart. He writes that he has met with the extraterrestrial beings and has learned that they are a peaceful race.

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Furthermore, they have taught him of marvels beyond all imagination. He urges Wilmarth to pay him a visit and to bring along the letters and photographic evidence that he had sent him. Wilmarth reluctantly consents. Wilmarth arrives to find Akeley in a pitiful physical condition, immobilized in a chair. Akeley tells Wilmarth about the extraterrestrial race and the wonders they have revealed to him. He also says that the beings can surgically extract a human brain and place it into a canister wherein it can live indefinitely and withstand the rigors of outer space travel.

Akeley says that he has agreed to undertake such a journey and points to a cylinder bearing his name. During the night, a sleepless Wilmarth overhears a disturbing conversation. When he investigates, he makes a horrifying discovery. He then runs from the farmhouse, steals Akeley's car, and flees to Townshend.

When the authorities investigate the next day, all they find is a bullet-ridden house. Akeley has disappeared, along with all the physical evidence of the alien presence. As the story ends, Wilmarth recounts the horror that drove him from the Akeley farmhouse. When he went to the chair where Akeley had sat, he found only his disembodied face and hands, revealed to be sophisticated mechanical facsimiles.

He realized that it was not Akeley who had sat in the chair and conversed with him, but one of the aliens in disguise. And all the while, Akeley's brain had rested in the named cylinder. Sign In Don't have an account?

The Horror at Red Hook

Lovecraft's work was largely inspired by his nightmares - whether these stories keep you up at night is up to your own comfort level. Lovecraft's biographer and preeminent interpreter, S. The first paperback to include the definitive corrected texts, this collection reveals the development of Lovecraft's mesmerizing narrative style. Lovecraft's storytelling. Even with the vast array of horror stories people of today have read or seen, this book has its fair share of chills and shocks waiting for you - my favorites coming from Herbert West - Reanimator.

Rumored to be about Lovecraft himself, The Outsider details the attempts of a solitary individual who is trying to reach out and make contact with others - only to be met with a horrifying revelation. The first collection of Lovecraft's writings and the first Arkham House book. Sauk City: Arkham House, First Edition. Large 8vo.

Publisher's black cloth, titled in gilt to the spine.

H.P. Lovecraft Biography: Author of Horror & Macabre Fantasy

Slight bumping to extremties otherwise clean and tight. Striking and most handsome original Virgil Finlay dustwrapper emblazoned with stars, gods and erm. All Copies of The Outsider and Others. This work was to be Lovecraft's first published book, and was printed in by Recluse Press. The short story is available in many volumes, including:.


Recommended by Barry Levin, Barry R. The novella At the Mountains of Madness has been published in numerous collections since being first serialized in Astounding Stories magazine in The Barren, windswept interior of the Antarctic plateau was lifeless - or so the expedition from Miskatonic University thought. Then they found the strange fossils of unheard-of creatures In this volume, the distinguished best-selling novelist Peter Straub brings together the very best of Lovecraft's fiction in a treasury guaranteed to bring fright and delight both to longtime fans and to readers new to his work.

Including such classics as The Shadow Over Innsmouth and The Colour Out of Space , these stories, whether set in old New England towns oppressed by memories of unholy pasts or in Antarctic wastes that disclose appalling extraterrestrial secrets, never fail to fascinate. First published in by Arkham House, in a print run of 3, copies.

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