The Professional Part 2 (The Game Maker Series)

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Oh, but Kresley Cole really knows how to write this kind of story! If there is only sex in a story, I get bored pretty fast.

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I need to read about something else as well. Unless NetGalley finally approves me for both books, my requests are still pending! Sorry for the mini rant there, lol. A great serial for sure! That ought to help their relationship quite a bit. I need to read these books!

The sound so good! I love how they are filled with fast paced, filled with action, and secrets. I enjoy unraveling a good story. Great Quotes and I love getting lost in a beautiful setting like Paris!

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  • Like I get the attraction but hold back a bit girl! But I really need to get to know more about him, too. Great review Lexxie, sounds like there was a lot of hot bedroom action in this one! Happy new year too! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

    The Professional: Part 3

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    The Professional: Part 2: The Game Maker, Book 1

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    The Professional: Part 2: The Game Maker, Book 1 Audiobook | Kresley Cole |

    How could he keep this up? It formed a groove between rigid bulges of muscle. He was a killer, volatile and violent, but I felt no fear of him. Not even when he whirled around on me, black hair whipping over his cheek. He was breathtaking. He just stared at me. What was he looking for? Finally he moved, placing his palms on the wall on either side of my head, boxing me in.

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    His mafiya star tattoos were at my eye level, mere inches away, beckoning me. I wanted to wrap my arms around him and press my lips to his chest. Tentatively, I leaned forward to graze my lips over one of his tattoos. I chanced a brush of my lips over his neck.

    GameMaker Studio 2: Your First Game (DnD) - Part 2

    He was motionless, a statue on the outside, a ruthless enforcer on the inside. I nuzzled the rugged line of his jaw. I tugged those locks of hair away from his face, then kissed the chiseled cheek I revealed. When I slanted my lips over his, he shuddered out a breath and drew back.