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Extremely brazen, there were people near us but nobody will help. Hello I really like Barcelona. But I absolutely don't understand the police and system that cannot stop this massive and well organized crime.

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I think they should go to Vienna Austria or somewhere in Germany to get trained the authorities in Spain, not the thieves. My Experience: Just returned from Barcelona. Myself and my girlfriend were walking in the Gothic Quarter and had a guy come up and ask where we were from.

Ways Pickpockets Steal Your Money

Replied New Zealand and he got excited saying 'Football, Football' bit of a warning sign, we aren't known for our Football! I was very surprised as he was small guy in comparison to me 6ft 4, kg but he obviously wasn't afraid if I decided to defend myself, or get angry over it We were much more alert the rest of the trip and bloody glad that we didn't experience a good pickpocket. Hi, Me and my wife are visiting Barcelona on 21st July I love photography and tasting street foods. Any advice regarding safe guarding my camera and lenses will be appreciated.

Just avoided 13 year old son being pickpocketed on Metro - saw it happening! We'd been in Barcelona for a week, after a week in Madrid. So when we changed to Line 5 we were already on alert. I had tight hold of my bag. Again they seemed to 'accidentally' separate us. Nothing got taken; other travellers looked surprised but no one acted or said anything.

It was disappointing to see but at least it was a very bad attempt! Otherwise had a great time in Spain! Enjoy but be aware. Right at the start of the Ramblas Near the Santa Maria church. Had a coffee on its patio.

Put my wallet back in my travel bag with two zippers. It's gone. Just like that. Lost 6 credit cards.

My DL. And about E. And an expensive wallet at that. Go to the police station and file a report. A "nuncia" for insurance claims when.

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You get back home. American Express will overnight a new card to here. Every other bank takes their time. You can get extra cash through CC providers. Next time, leave your cards, passport, DL, in the safe. Only hold a little cash that you wil need and one CC. In the front pocket and wear tight jeans. Barcelona got to this NYC raised street smart kid. She got me!! That bitch. It may be a bit bulky, but better to be careful! Thanks for the article but I'm going to skip visiting Barcelona until the laws toughen up on thieves. There's plenty of other beautiful places in the world to visit where you don't constantly have to worry.

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I am a really cautious person but was recently pickpocketed at a beach in Barcelona. I was having some food and beer alone and was approached by a raucous but friendly Italian male and Spanish female. My weakness? I was on a recent flight from Paris limiting one bag so gave up my hip pouch. I was tired and checked into a beach hostel, not having a locker lock so took my credit card stuff and euros and stuffed it in a rear pocket.

I had a tiny sachel bag I was hand carryying the whole time, and my mistake was to put it down and give my facebook contact on his phone, which wasn't working properly. I should have known this was wrong, the female circled behind me Luckily, my jeans were tight. Weirdly, as I went to pick the satchel up, he "helped" me pick it up with my cheese which he threw in the trash. I should have screamed because it felt immediately as if he took the wallet. Luckily, his expert hands left behind my passport. I cancelled debit card immediately but had a nightmare coming home.

Use your instincts! I was convinced by the couple I had "lost" the wallet. Scream when you think you have been robbed. I wish I did. No one is safe from pickpockets, not even locals. My boyfriend and I got our bag stolen in the Barceloneta area beach walk promenade. I am quite surprised this article is not warning about this area, which I think is a usual spot for pickpockets as well. That's why I'm sharing my experience here, as it could be useful for someone in a similar situation.


We had just parked our car in the street but we didn't have coins to pay for the parking ticket. We had several cameras, laptops and other valuables with us because we were working as reporters. We took all our bags out of the car and left them all together in the sidewalk. My boyfriend was standing really close to them, carefully watching them, because we knew it wasn't a safe area.

I went to a shop across the street to ask for change. I just took a couple of minutes, if so, and when I came back I saw him frantically looking for one of the bags in the car, thinking we had left it inside by mistake. But, guess what? It had been taken.

He then realised what had happened. It seems that a guy wearing a barcelona football club t-shirt, baseball cap and sunglasses looking back now, it is a pretty obvious tourist dress up! He then asked my boyfriend for directions and, in that same moment, someone else must have slipped from behind the car and grabbed one of the bags.