The Missouri State Penitentiary: 170 Years inside The Walls (Missouri Heritage Readers)

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Focuses on art of interviewing in variety of contexts. Topics include types and uses of questions, common question pitfalls, listening, verbal and nonverbal communication, and specialized types of interviews such as journalistic, survey, persuasive, employment, performance review, counseling, and health care. In-depth look at art of public speaking. Focus on presenting additional types of speeches, including business and organizational, ceremonial, speeches of tribute, acceptance, and toasting.

How to become more informed and skillful communicators in diverse social world and more aware of how and why misunderstandings arise in communication among people whose dissimilar backgrounds and identities lead them to have different views about what communication means and does. Topics include dealing with difficult people, expression of emotions, assertiveness training, and conflict management.

Introduction to broadcasting, including history, government regulations, station operation, and program development. Basic functions of public relations in public and private sector. Emphasis on history, case studies, and writing including press releases, media plans, and speeches. Media role in public relations, and role in shaping and swaying public opinion. Specific jobs and emphasis areas covered. Study of the development and understanding of respiration, phonation, resonation, articulation, and diction. Survey of journalism, including history and study of various media. Emphasis is on journalistic principles, writing, editing and makeup, including work on official student publications.

Instruction in video skills for pre-production, production, and post-production of television news.

The Missouri State Penitentiary: 170 Years inside "The Walls"

On-location, single-camera shooting will be emphasized. Includes lectures, discussions, practical applications, and evaluations.

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Introduction to history, theory and criticism of film. Explores American and European film traditions. Major genres, authors and artists, and directing and production styles. Viewing of numerous films representative of various genres and directing styles. History of cinema from late 19th century beginnings to present. Attention given to technological, economic and artistic issues. Classic films of various directors and countries.

Weekly viewings required. The discovery, support, and critical evaluation of intelligent arguments and decisions.

Studies argument, evidence, reasoning, and oral advocacy; includes investigation, research, and critical analysis of claims and establishment of truth through proof. Leadership, the ability to influence other's behaviors and thoughts to accomplish a goal, is a responsibility faced in a variety of personal and professional contexts. Learn what it means to be a leader, how different leadership styles are utilized and how cultural, ethical and moral pressures affect leadership. Students will identify areas for personal growth and improvement in leadership positions as they learn and develop their own leadership skills, values, ethics and morals.

Examination of leadership theory and development will be from a variety of backgrounds. Answers to questions that confound women's and men's attempts to communicate with each other. Topics include gender construction through one's culture, portrayal of men and women in media, male and female approaches to conversation, role of power and empowerment in marriage and families, gender relations in workplace, and men and women in education.

Basic study of the principles of oral interpretation and their application performance. Explores issues related to intercultural communication process. Considers important role of context social, cultural, and historical in intercultural interactions. Topics include stereotyping, prejudice, ethnocentrism, social class and religious identities, folk culture, power, and intercultural conflict.

Role of and development of professional communication skills intrinsic to the workplace. Focus is on the development of theoretical and performance competencies in interpersonal communication, small group communication, organizational communication and public communication. Includes understanding organizational diversity and ethics; improving listening skills; enhancing interviewing skills; managing group meetings and teamwork; and presentation of informational and persuasive proposals via enhancement of verbal, vocal and visual strategies.

Course is equated to BUS Introductory course in developing skills in writing and reporting for print media. Special attention given to news releases, feature stories, and reporting techniques. Introduction to use of photography. Introduction to all aspects of video production. Remote and studio television production will be covered. Hands-on experience in the use of equipment to produce video projects for the media. Consists of lectures, field assignments, in-class activities, and examinations.

Emphasis on the ability to access, analyze and evaluate media in a variety of media formats. Review of tools necessary to understand the role of the media as well as skills of inquiry necessary for citizens of a democracy. Media formats examined include journalism, advertising and political communications. Practical application of mass media content production. Emphasizes production experience on official student publications or Public Relations projects.

Exploration of a topic selected by the department.

Patient Profiling: Are You a Victim? | Pamela Wible MD

Topics may include examination of mass communication in a variety of contexts: presidential elections, mass communication theory, mass communication effects, impact of the Internet, etc. Students placed in participatory position in mass media corporation or organization. Includes assignments related to internship. Utilization of the latest version of AutoCAD to create, edit, and store introductory computer drawings. Involves draw and modify commands, layer creation, blocks, and dimensioning. Basic design elements and drafting standards considerations are provided. Modifications of dimension properties and tolerancing are addressed.

Isometric, oblique, sectional, and auxiliary views are created.

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Multiple layouts, block editing, datalinked tables, external references XREFs , attributes, concept hand sketching, and drafting symbols are covered. Uses the latest version of AutoCAD Architecture to perform introductory construction techniques, foundation plans, and material requirements. Basic, standardized architectural practices are involved with floor plans, exterior elevations, and specific architectural layering. Acquisition of intermediate level architectural drafting using the most recent version of AutoCAD Architecture. Understanding of site planning, load design elements, framing methods, alternative elevations, and beam sizing.

Involves knowledge attainment of millwork and cabinet technology, rendering methods, and building codes. Learning of introductory elements of the latest version of Revit CAD software. Perspectives on shared user design utilized in commercial architecture. Perform drawing designs using Revit for floor plans, elevations, sections, and rendering.

Perform building estimates and schedules, and construction document sets. Utilization of most recent version of Revit software to design a three story commercial project. Understanding of practices for commercial models, view, dimensions, families, and editing.

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Learning of landscaping, curbing, parking, and walkway design. Creating of custom stairs and railings. Comprehension of intermediate level BIM practices.

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Knowledge acquisition of relevant HVAC scientific elements- including heat, thermodynamics, and combustion. Perform structural shop drawings using the most current version of AutoCAD. Achieve conceptual understanding of structural design and economic considerations. Acquire understanding of steel grades and shapes.