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But where might the money come from to bring it to life? It was enough to convey the series idea and the money it would require. Murty is the scion of a wealthy business family in Bangalore, India, with a history of educational philanthropy. His father is the information technology industrialist N. Narayana Murthy , co-founder of Infosys. During his graduate studies at Harvard, Murty took a break from distributed computing and opportunistic wireless networks to delve into courses in the Department of South Asian Studies with Parimal G.

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Patil , professor of religion and Indian philosophy. The first five volumes of the series came out in January.


Pollock, general editor of the new library, is part of a four-person editorial board. Within the next century, insiders hope that the MCLI, as they call it, will publish at least titles. No one has turned down an offer yet to be part of the MCLI, he said. The participants hope the series will introduce a vast corpus of literature, thought, and science to fresh audiences across the world.

The languages represented in the series will appear in their original script, or in Latin script where appropriate.

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Every new Indic font can be downloaded free, for non-commercial uses, once the font has appeared in print. The cursive Indic fonts appear fanciful and fascinating to the average reader of English, resembling a decorative collection of lexical pictures. But Pollock thinks that a new generation of Indian-language scholars will emerge as they are intrigued by the appearance of these pre-modern languages in their original scripts. He said that learning the scripts and translations will be helped by the ease of reading from one side of a page to the other.

The volumes, present and planned, include a lesson in geography. The languages reflect places beyond modern-day India. They represent an area far larger than Europe — stretching west to Afghanistan, east to Myanmar, and north and south from Nepal to Sri Lanka. Since the first books appeared, Pollock and Sen have attended a series of events to launch the new library, including three in India and one in London.

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That is year-old Glen W. Bowersock , who Pollock recalled canceled a class during the antiwar tumult at Harvard in May of , after reciting a sympathetic line from the historian Tacitus. They follow the model established for such libraries by James Loeb himself, Class of , who wanted to be a professor of classics.

Because he was Jewish, the doors to academe were closed to him in that era. Instead, Loeb funded the classics library that bears his name and was designed to appeal both to scholars and the public. Many sections of the book are very good, marked by lively prose and a judicious sense of historical detail.

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  4. In particular, Goldsworthy is masterful on military matters and makes many useful observations on Caesar's battles and campaigns. Goldsworthy's renderings of important events, even much-discussed incidents e. However, the large central section on Caesar in Gaul over a third of the book had the effect, for this reviewer, of replacing all memories of Caesar the senator and Caesar the politician with Caesar the general. Goldsworthy does well to emphasize the astonishing nature of the transformation from upstart politician into brilliant military leader, yet the transformation remains mysterious as, given the weakness of the sources, it may always be.

    Yet this middle section, on Gaul, works so closely from the text of the de Bello Gallico , and at such length, that I found myself wishing that Goldsworthy had written a commentary on that work instead. As I'm sure Goldsworthy would agree, the ambitious reader would do better to read Caesar's own description of the battle than a reconstruction, however skillful. An interesting, and very welcome, innovation is the use of numerals for even the smallest of numbers: once one is accustomed to this usage, the campaign-descriptions, shot through with repeated reference to the mileage of military maneuvers, seem easier to manage.

    This review may do a disservice to Goldsworthy, since I have not read many representatives of that genre of context-heavy biographies of major historical figures, the books to which Goldsworthy's Caesar might more fruitfully be compared. Given his deep knowledge of the subject -- especially its military dimensions -- and his lively and effective prose style, his book should measure up well against the better biographies of Napoleon, Churchill, or Wellington -- whom he variously invokes by way of comparison to Caesar -- with which many of its intended readers may be familiar.

    An enjoyable epilogue on the ramifications of Caesar's personality in modern popular culture nods to these broad horizons, and to the extra-historical context that Caesar's greatness would demand. But as a work of Roman history this book is at once highly informative and somewhat ungainly, and it adds little to our understanding of Caesar or his period. Goldsworthy's tome makes a better case for the richness of Roman culture, politics, and warfare as subjects of historical inquiry than it does for the peculiar greatness of Caesar. There are many trenchant observations, many good chapters and perhaps there could have been several tight little books instead of one rather sprawling one , and there is much that even an expert in some of the areas covered by Goldsworthy could learn about other subjects gathered up between the same set of covers.

    A "Classical" Book Haul!

    So, while seeking to ignore those appraising, over-the-shoulder glances -- of Napoleon at Caesar, Caesar at Alexander, Alexander at Achilles -- that disrupt Caesar, Life of a Colossus from time to time, I will no doubt find frequent use for this book in my work as a Roman historian, turning to it for refreshment, and for introductions to many of the aspects and incidents of Caesar's life and times. Once the unity shows itself, the logic and inevitability of the language, which controls and contains such conflagrations and collisions within itself, becomes more obviously what it is—direct, and even plain, speech.

    This language, this unique and radiant substance, is the product of an alchemy on the noblest scale. Her elements were extreme: a violent, almost demonic spirit in her, opposed a tenderness and capacity to suffer and love things infinitely, which was just as great and far more in evidence.

    The Marrow of Tradition by Charles W. Chesnutt: | Books

    Her stormy, luminous senses assaulted a downright practical intelligence that could probably have dealt with anything. She saw her world in the flame of the ultimate substance and the ultimate depth. And this is the distinction of her language, that every word is Baraka: the flame and the rose folded together. Poets have often spoken about this ideal possibility but where else, outside these poems, has it actually occurred?

    If we have the discrimination to answer this question, we can set her in her rightful company. Feast on this smorgasbord of poems about eating and cooking, exploring our relationships with food. Jamaal May blasts off into hyperspace on this episode of VS. Danez and Franny run with the poet, MC, professor, and thinker as they talk waves, matter, neurology, future, and Safia Elhillo is a goshdarn timespace-suspending poet.

    Danez, Franny, and Safia talk unraveling shame, opening the door to a queer Muslim literary community, caesuras and Early Poems, a collection of Plath's work, was published as the May, , issue of Harvard Advocate; fifty of her early unpublished poems appeared in Times Literary Supplement, July 31, ; the posthumously published poem "Ennui" debuted in Blackbird, November, Prose Home Harriet Blog. Visit Home Events Exhibitions Library.

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    Epitaph for Fire and Flower. Face Lift. Heavy Women. Lady Lazarus. A Lesson in Vengeance. Love Letter. Morning Song. Nick and the Candlestick. On the Decline of Oracles. On the Difficulty of Conjuring up a Dryad. The Snowman on the Moor. Stars over the Dordogne. Strumpet Song. Two Sisters of Persephone. Wreath for a Bridal. Show More.