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We talk about the entire all grain mashing process for beer brewing from start to finish. Charlie explains how mashing actually works, how changes in the process affect the finished beer, and the role […]. Chris Graham, President at MoreBeer joins me to talk about large all grain beer brewing equipment for home brewers.

You can view show notes and additional episodes on my blog here. Every episode tackles the science of brewing and the art of brewing. Listen and learn how to make and appreciate better beer and how to create even the craziest idea you have. We can't promise that you'll save the world, but we can promise mad science in the pursuit of great beer!

The Brew is Out There! Drew's siting down with Levi from Long Beach Beer Lab again to explore how Levi is using the old school, new hotness of Kveik in nearly half of his beers. What has Levi discovered to make some pretty amazing beer? He's got a few tricks up his sleeve! Like our podcast, review it - talk it up!

If you have comments, feedbacks, harassments, etc, feel free to drop us a line at podcast experimentalbrew. The Brew Is Out There! Together they talk about a handful of recipes including a Thai inspired Witbier turned commercial Pale Ale and Aimee's venutres into "good" beer and how she and Drew collaborated on a beer and disagreed and how she won a medal for embracing her hoppy side.

Homebrewing beer. In each episode award winning brewer and beer writer Jamil Zainasheff discusses brewing a specific style of beer. Included are award winning recipes, tips for home brewing, tasting notes, and a live question and answer segment with listeners. Tune in and learn about the various forms this style can take, as well as brewing techniques and commercial examples to help you make a better homebrew or craft beer.

Needless to say she's uncomfortable with it, which is always funny. Then we jump right into the topic for today - Secret Beers! We had two beers chosen for us secretly before the show, and our goal is to try and guess what styles these beers fall under. It's harder than it sounds! JP and Tasty come up with some crazy guesses, and Jamil Homebrew breaks down your home brewed beer and gives you the feedback you're looking for to improve your brewing! Have questions or want your beer evaluated on Dr.

Email us at drhomebrew thebrewingnetwork. Rank 1: Dr.

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Homebrew: Episode Today the boys talk about common homebrewing flaws: what they are and how to avoid them. Often, we talk about specific beers and what is wrong with that beer only, but Brian wanted to broaden the net a bit and bring some information to us in a broader sense. Then he pulls out a small pill bottle that contains his sample, and JP loses it. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone. Rank 2: Dr. We love talking to homebrewers on this show, especially when they try to push their own brewing boundaries.

Jesse sent us an Imperial Stout, which is a style that he would never normally have done before, and it turned out pretty good for a first shot at it.

Home Brew Happy Hour. Hello and happy Friday to you, our favorite homebrewer! Welcome back to another fun-filled episode of our show. Let us know what you think and enjoy the show! Homebrew Happy Hour listeners who shop at Kegconnection. The Homebrew Happy Hour is back after a bit of a layoff. You probably remember James from a couple of previous episodes. Brew Strong, with hosts Jamil Zainasheff and John Palmer, combines the two most prominent authors and figures in homebrewing today in a live beer radio format that allows listeners to pose beginning and advanced brewing questions to expert hosts and guests from the Craft Beer industry.

Designed as a brewing geek's must-listen show, Brew Strong is your source for cutting edge beer and brewing information, answers to technical questions, as well as a guide to a greater appreciation of all things beer. Have questions or comments? Email us at brewstrong thebrewingnetwork. Rank 1: Brew Strong: Q and A Jamil and John Palmer continue pouring through listener emails this week to help listeners get more of their craft beer and homebrewing questions answered! They take questions on all things brewing and get you the answers you need to make better beer professionally and at home.

Tune in as our experts take listener questions on all things yeast starters to dispel some of the myths and misconceptions on the topic. If you've been a fan of the show for awhile, you know how important Jamil views yeast starters in homebrewing. Along with our other shows on the topic, this episode will help to dive deeper into some of the common questions surrounding producing yeast starters. Also, don't forget to check out the book that Jamil co-authored for a complete discussion on yeast, Yeast: The Practical Guide to Beer Fermentation.

We drop a new episode every week focused on a specific topic important to homebrewers and professionals alike. In addition to discussing the history of the topic at hand, we go over the results of exBEERiments we've performed to provide a slightly more objective spin on things. Join us as we think beer! Rank 1: Episode Double Dry Hopping. Dry hopping is a method brewers use to impart hoppy beers like IPA with heaps of hop aroma. While this is commonly done in a single dose, some claim that by making two separate dry hop durations, they get even more desirable hop character in their beer.

Learn more about what Imperial Yeast has to offer at ImperialYeast. Hazy IPA is all the rage today and the process used to produced good examples of the style is somewhat unique.

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Scott shares key findings from his research and discusses them as they relate to past xBmts. The original live show that brings professional brewer and homebrewer interviews, and the best in beer-tainment, right to you as we talk about homebrewing beer and craft brewing.

Each episode covers specific brewing topics to inform and entertain, and world class professional brewers as guests. All the fun of real radio, without the boredom. Live listeners can participate and ask questions by joining our chatroom. Watch the live show at YouTube. Have a brewing question or suggestion? Email us at feedback thebrewingnetwork. Rank 1: MicroBrewr Starting a brewery is a full-time job. Cody Martin worked in civil engineering and environmental engineering. After touring some breweries and seeing that they use familiar equipment, he asked his wife if he could start a brewery.

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Palmetto may have a few years on Catawba but the North Carolina brewery will celebrate their 20th anniversary this July. As part of the celebration, they'll launch three new beers. We tried to get Pyatt to spill the beans on exactly what those would be, but he said he has to keep that under wraps for now.

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  • Gone Bush;

While sipping some of their coffee blonde ale Evening Joe Brian had to get in some coffee chat and we find out about Catawba's best-selling beer. Since Pyatt had experience merging two breweries we took the opportunity to get his opinion on the pros and cons of this massive merger. The Beer List We enjoyed the following beers before, during and after our show taping.

It's a non-stop party in here. We took a craft beer road trip to Tallahassee and St. We've never done a Tallahassee trip and spending a weekend on the beach at a beer fest is not a bad way to waste a weekend. Our first stop in Tallahassee was Ology Brewing OK, technically it was Whataburger where we sampled through all of the beers on tap.

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  4. Don't miss their Juice Lab series of fruited Berliners, on Sundays they tap a new version and you might even find it pouring from the slushie machine. We then headed over to Proof Brewing's relatively new and gorgeous tap room where we had IPAs, sours, and Brian even got his glitter beer fix. After a crazy Friday that peaked with quarts of Olde English back at the hotel, we headed to St.

    I'm telling you, it would be difficult to beat the weather and the location for this festival.

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    The large, open yard of Paddy's Raw Bar hosted the event and sunny skies and mids temps made for a great day. RealTalk's Real Mornings hosts Greg Tish and Bobby Mac join us to kick off the show, chatting general beer info and reminiscing about the wine cooler-y beverages of our younger days while sipping Naturdays. Yeah, we know, don't hate us.

    Although Naturdays is very far removed from anything I'd consider beer, it is a refreshing and tasty alcoholic lemonade. These guys love their Tallahassee breweries and work hard to spread the word. We share some Georgia goodness with Monday Night's Overnight Celebrity while they share some info on the local beer scene.

    Tallahassee isn't the first place most people think of for a craft beer trip but it's definitely worth putting on your radar. The scene is solid now and continues to grow.