Salmon River Legends and Campfire Cuisine

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Alerts In Effect Dismiss. Sol Duc Area Brochure. Sol Duc area map. Swimming Home A shimmering coho leaps the foaming waters of Salmon Cascades in autumn. The salmon and her siblings smell their way upstream, often to the same quiet pool where they hatched from the gravel a few years before. They return to complete their lifecycle in the snow-fed, sparkling waters of the Sol Duc River. If you quietly walk the Lover's Lane trail, you may spot a pair of salmon side by side in a slow side channel.

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The female digs gravel nests with her tail, and the male swims close by to fertilize the thousands of eggs she lays. After several days the exhausted salmon die, but their life carries on in the gift of nutrients their carcasses bring to the forest and its creatures.

Chinook and coho salmon ascend the Sol Duc in late summer and spawn in late fall, while cutthroat trout and steelhead run in the fall and winter and spawn into the spring. All of these anadromous fish are born in the Sol Duc River, but spend most of their lives in the Pacific Ocean before returning home to spawn. The Sol Duc is one of the few places where salmon run in every season. Eagle Ranger Station: not regularly staffed.

Call the Wilderness Information Center for information on wilderness camping permits and bear canisters. By the end of the week, we were pros. THE temptation, once the tents were set up, was to dive into the river for a refreshing swim and then lounge in the beach chairs drinking martinis, which Steve had wisely brought with him. But each camp also offered great hiking opportunities up into the hills among the black-eyed Susans where the view back down to the river was well worth the climb.

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We'd set out each morning on the river before 10 and put in for the evening at 5. The meals, particularly breakfast and dinner, rivaled the thrills of the rapids, and did more than justice to our appetites. No dish was ever served twice by our veteran river guides, who turned into gourmet chefs about 5 P. Malcolm and Doug served fresh salmon, lasagna, chicken fajitas and grilled steaks along with salads, fresh Idaho potatoes and a host of desserts baked right on the river in Dutch ovens, including strawberry shortcake. In the morning, we'd wake to the smell of coffee brewing and Spanish omelets, fresh-baked blueberry coffee cake, or apple walnut pancakes.

Besides serving the meals and navigating the river, the guides cheerfully loaded and unloaded all the gear each day.

Not unexpectedly, the group bonded over campfires, off-key singing, toasted marshmallows and rounds of Scotch that Laura brought with her from the District of Columbia. You get pretty comfortable with people after you've shared a Johnny Pot for six days. And there is nothing quite like heeding the call of nature at a spot with a river view. When we reached Riggins, a tiny outpost that marked the end of the trip, we wanted nothing more than a hot shower and a soft bed.

But during the four-hour van ride back to Boise, through the glorious Idaho countryside, the rhythms of the river remained strong. Delta, United and Northwest Airlines all fly to Boise. Following are a few of the more experienced outfitters who run trips down the Main Salmon and prices:. Both trips include air fare to the river from Boise and transportation back to Boise.

Coast Salish people and salmon

The trips begin in the first week of May and run through Sept. You should book several months in advance if you are locked into a specific week, but if you have some flexibility, openings for up to four are usually available several weeks in advance. Canyons Inc. Air fare from Boise is included. The outfitters will send a complete checklist of gear and clothing necessities. The rule is pack light and bring a lot of sunblock.

A good solid pair of waterproof sandals is a must because days on end in wet sneakers can be unpleasant. Pack a rain jacket and some warm gear as well. Weather can be unpredictable and cold rain is not uncommon even in July. The outfitters also provide all the sleeping equipment including tents.

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If you are given a choice, order the deluxe sleeper package. For the extra few dollars, you get a self-inflatable sleeping pad that will make the difference between a good night's sleep and a week of insomnia. Log In.

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View on timesmachine. TimesMachine is an exclusive benefit for home delivery and digital subscribers. This ceremony reinforces the central role that salmon and water play in the health of Indian people and their culture. Fishing for salmon is just as integral an aspect of tribal culture as consuming it.

For many, fishing trips shape their appreciation for the land, the waters, and the salmon. It is without question that salmon are worth our time, energy, and sometimes even risking our lives.

That is why it was troubling when the number of salmon that returned up the Columbia River each year grew smaller and smaller. By the s the numbers had dipped so low that tribal concern turned into alarm that we might lose our sacred fish. At that time, the tribes did not have the political voice or power to fight the decline. Fortunately those days are past. Today the tribes are doing everything in their power to make sure that salmon return to as many of their traditional waters as they can.

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Enormous amounts of resources are being poured into this effort, and tribal youth are joining the fight to save salmon. Every year, more and more tribal members are becoming fish biologists, environmental engineers, and other scientists who are offering their minds as well as their hearts for the protection of the salmon, the water, and ultimately, their traditional way of life. The world over, salmon affect the cultures of the people in which they come in contact.

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The wildly different traditional cultures of Japanese Ainu, Pacific Northwest Coastal tribes, the Norwegian coastal areas, and the Russian Far East each have salmon returning to their lands and each share a reverence and gratitude for the bounty that salmon provide. The modern Pacific Northwest is no different.