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About two years later while trying to decipher the signature, the name suddenly revealed itself I sold it about a year later on AbeBooks. The letters included writing for review and family news to a Mr.

Webb Waldron. Unfortunately, they had stained the pages of a very expensive book. Since we were heading into March, we laminated them and passed them out to customers, they really appreciated them. It was the original Topps baseball card and not a reprint. It is in good condition and I still have it. These cards are also originals and not reprints, and are from the Baseball Collector Series. I believe these are also vintage and are in very good condition. There was also a handwritten note recommending that an unnamed individual, who had staged their own abduction, should be required to do their volunteer service with a search and rescue team for about a five-year period.

Today, I found an old calling card from Indonesia. She had stored many family photographs in the books as well as cards and letters. We filled a 9x12 manila envelope at least two inches thick. The most unusual find was a gold pinky ring set with a small diamond.

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I picked at the edge and they came apart revealing a three-foot long accordionfolded panorama of s pornography. I also once found a chocolate chip that was wedged down between the book cloth and the mull of the spine. The chocolate chip was dusty and dented, but otherwise unsullied. I wondered how one wedges a chocolate chip into the spine of a book, and how long it had been there.

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Aside from all the letters, torn out newspaper articles, shopping lists, business cards, and postcards send and unsent , other objects discovered by AbeBooks. People have found teeth, money, and bacon inside their books. Richard Davies What's the strangest thing you've found in a book? The first time you go grocery shopping for yourself is amazingly awesome.

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As is the first meal you cook in your first apartment. Non-geeky Star Trek fan fiction. And dividing by zero. Seeing the way God has answered a prayer. Hearing a baby laugh.

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Looking at the yard after two months of hard work and being happy it looks pretty. The smell of rain. Hugging any member of my family. Getting my house clean and organized, it is so awesome to finally get it at that point.

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Washing my face each morning. The smell of fresh rain on sagebrush, in the high desert! Being in the zone is great. Getting brand new pens and pencils, one of my favorite things. I love begininng of the school year supply shopping: Or when you dump the laundry out of the basket and do a belly flop on it! Reading through the comments of this blog and being reminded of tons of awesome things.

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I love that so much, especially when I go to a Cards vs. Especially in the dead of winter for any kind of work outside. Smiling at something funny that someone says on the street. The laughter of a child after you make a funny face at them. Going pee after having to hold it in from being in the car for hours! Soda bottles are awesome. Stashing candy is awesome. Faking sickness is awesome. Anyways i like the blog. Sounds like Canadians are snobby eskimos with bad attitudes. And sounds like TJ is politically incorrect, ignorant, and uptight. Sorry meant to say the Inge sitting on the ticket.

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I was so taken with the crackled camera, I had camera on the brain lol, Tracy x. You are amazing with textures. I love the stamping on foil. I can't believe all the amazing things in your "Scrap Box"! I think you need to rename that to "Treasure Trove"! What an amazing book jam packed with stunning textures and techniques!

https://www.hiphopenation.com/mu-plugins/italian/scotland-dating-websites.php So much detail and eye candy to admire! Thanks for the inspiration! What an amazing project. This is probably the coolest looking scrapbook I've ever seen. This just blew me away Loved the outside and inside of the book cover and then you added all the beautiful pages!!! This is one gorgeous book! Love the cover with the crackle die cuts. And the inside is so pretty too! Love all the different tags! Ooooh, this is a beautiful book! Love all your stamping and the inclusion of photos on the tags.

So many fab details!! I'm so glad I got to see the pages I'm trying to catch up on my visits. And I knew I had to get by to this site. I love the cover, but your pages especially with the stamped frosted film layers are fabulous.

The layering with that added transparent effect takes a beautiful page and makes it just fantastic. This is really great way to use all the odds and ends of previous project that we all have lying around. What a way to celebrate life: Thanks for this amazing project -- Mary Elizabeth. Panati produces the best of the genre. Many trivia books list a dry and uninspired fact sheet.