Kodex der Energiemedizin: Werde glücklich, dann bist Du gesund! (German Edition)

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Symptome des Systems.

Ätherische Implantate und Besetzungen sind „menschlicher Natur“ Teil 1

An invisible puppetmaster controlling the human collective and directing it to their negative agenda? Right off the bat, we have already jumped the ship from sanity. The immediate reaction is rejection, as there is no way that we, the most intelligent species on the planet, could be victim to something so incredibly prevalent and widespread; something that has literally tricked us into thinking we are independent and have free will, yet has imprisoned us on a level that is absolute.

This reaction is completely understandable, and, honestly, to be expected. So, if you have made it this far and wish to not continue reading, this is understandable.

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The only request is that you analyze this feeling inside of you, notice how strong it is? Question that. For those who wish to continue, let us explain how this works, then more importantly: WHY? Ein unsichtbarer Puppenspieler kontrolliert das menschliche Kollektiv und leitet es auf ihre negative Agenda? Und schon haben wir haben das Schiff der Vernunft verlassen. Let us begin with the known elements of this system.

Through confirmed science, it is already understood that there is much more going on than meets the eye. What has not yet been confirmed conclusively by hard science is the fact that we are multidimensional creatures with multiple forms of a body on many different energetic levels and densities. The physical body is only the vehicle to move through an incarnation.

This physical form then branches into multiple fields and energies- the energy body, the auric body, the meridian body, the astral body, the dream body, the plasma body, etc. These other densities and planes of existence are hidden from us because we simply cannot see these resonant light frequencies, all we can see is the physical plane; we can, however, feel them. Beginnen wir mit den bekannten Elementen dieses Systems. When you have an individual begin the awakening process, they soon realize that the world is fundamentally upside down, backwards from the way it should be. They begin to recognize consumerism and fear being pushed on the general populace.

This new awareness leads to a need for information that leads through the darkest happenings of the world, then eventually out the other side with the understanding that we are here to shine a light into this darkness. Individual acts of kindness and compassion become small scale ways to do something, anything in this world filled with so much darkness and yet so much light. As the individual going through this awakening begins to feel good inside, to love everything and everyone unconditionally, regardless of how others might behave or act, their physical body begins to react to these higher vibration emotions, they begin to connect into the energetic systems that we all are able to activate and utilize.

Often times, this dreamer wakes up to the higher energies accessible through meditation and movement of chi, and, then, the extrasensory abilities are explored more and more as they start to right the world rightside up. Wir alle sind in der Lage es zu aktivieren und zu nutzen. Most who have gone through this awakening journey have gotten to the point of regular meditation and focusing practices, yet they can never seem to go into their explorations as deep or as strongly as they know they should be able to.

The single pointed focus and silence of mind that they read about and know exists always seems to be beyond any amount of practice and focus. While manageable, their thoughts often distract and lead them away from self discovery and practice, most especially when sitting down to do said meditations. Random aches and pains in the body will start popping up, causing further distraction and fear of something physically wrong with the body.

The practice of doing these exercises and energetic practices every day will get more tedious and harder to do. Until one day, the Awakened Dreamer stops the practice. I felt like I was younger, smarter, stronger, and more in tune…. The difference this time might be a friend, co-worker, boss, employee, family member, significant other, or landlord suddenly starts a fight or causes a problem for what appears to be no reason other than they were irritable that day, or things in their life were going roughly.

Suddenly the Awakener is thrown back into the knee-jerk reactive behavior that they had identified at the beginning of the journey, without any restriction whatsoever. Suddenly their life is tossed upside down, but the strangest thing is, as all the dust settles, everyone involved is left with the strangest empty feeling where there was once a molten ball of fire.

They are left confused wondering why they were so mad and reactive.


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Ziehen Sie dieses verallgemeinerte Beispiel in Betracht:. If this sounds like it could have been written about you, you are not alone. If anything, you are in a much bigger and broader company than you would have thought possible. This is a textbook blueprint of shutting down someone on the path of awakening. Dies ist ein Lehrbuch der Blaupause, wie man jemanden auf dem Weg des Erwachens abschaltet. Continued progression upon this path will allow their perception and ability to move energy to become much more broad and engaged to the point that they begin to literally see these control systems that are used by higher dimensional, negatively oriented entities to push and prod humanity in the direction of darkness, despair, hate and desperation.


This virus that has infiltrated every aspect of our lives needs complete secrecy and anonymity to continue its work: which is feeding off of dark, twisted emotions that come from extreme trauma, victimization, scarcity, and torture. Someone who is not on the path to awakening, but is focused on the distractions of the Matrix prison system will never become aware of these systems.

They consider the symptoms normal. In all honesty, these symptoms ARE normal in the sense that we grow with them from childhood, not understanding that the thoughts, impulses, and reactions that are blindly followed internally are not truly us to begin with. Someone stuck in the rat race, who is terrified of coming up with enough money for next months rent, all while trying to drown their growing sense of foreboding doom of their position in the harsh world around them every weekend in alcohol, drugs and sex are not focused on turning on the light inside.

Someone fighting for their life in a war torn country is not stepping through their fear to take control over where their reality is directed.

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The poor soul enslaved in the global sex trafficking trade is not radiating their love to the world. The people in between, those who have enough to live comfortably, but not enough to be independent of the systems are focused on keeping what they have, not looking out to include everyone. These dreamers are not focused on expanding their awareness with love and compassion. Instead, they are focused on waking up, going to work, coming home, going to sleep, waking up, going to work, etc.

Sie betrachten die Symptome als normal. In aller Ehrlichkeit sind diese Symptome in dem Sinne normal, als wir mit ihnen von der Kindheit an aufwuchsen und nicht verstanden haben, dass wir den inneren Gedanken, Impulsen und Reaktionen blind folgten. Stattdessen konzentrieren sie sich nur auf das Aufstehen am morgen, zur Arbeit gehen, nach Hause kommen, schlafen, aufwachen, zur Arbeit gehen, etc. Every facet and niche in the gorgeously diverse tapestry of humanity has a control system directing them in their specific place in society to keep the machine running.

Watch out for number one! The entire system is designed to keep us away from awakening the magnificence inside of each of us through our connection directly to Source. Yet, incredibly throughout history up until today, inside of each of these niches people are snapping out of the lethargy and waking up.

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The body is designed to consciously create the reality around us when fully realized; by being anchored in the lowest of all the vibrational planes, 3D physical density, then reaching all the way up through the dimensional causality directly to the Creator of All That Is. We are, literally, designed to be creator Gods.


In a natural system with no restrictions, we should be able to manifest physical reality in real time. That connection is why we are here. That connection is why we have been shut down to perceiving these layers and densities, yet can still interact with these higher vibrational energies, or crystalline resonance.

Verfassungsgesetz für Wasser und Luft

Achten Sie auf die Nummer eins! Das gesamte System ist so ausgelegt, um uns vom Erwachen fern zu halten, sodass wir die Herrlichkeit in jedem von uns durch die direkte Verbindung zur Quelle nicht erreichen. Unglaublicherweise sind in der Geschichte bis heute, innerhalb jeder Nische, dennoch immer wieder Menschen aus der Lethargie aufgewacht. Diese Verbindung ist es, warum wir hier sind.

They take us, the incredibly powerful beings we are, blind us from true sight, turn our environment toxic, heavy and dark energetically, then with some controlled trauma and some negative backlash to start off, they begin the self fulfilling cycles of atrocity breeding more atrocity exponentially. Locked away, by our collective selves, under the negative agenda guiding us from behind the curtain, we as the human race have festered and rotted at the core of who we are.

Indifference to suffering and hunger and lack of shelter, warmongering, militaristic capitalism, aggression, consumerism, perversion…. All of these things that highlight our focus on only the self turns our Creator energy dark and stagnant. These low vibrational emotions become negative polarity higher dimensional energy, which these puppetmasters need for their very survival…they need it for food. For sustenance. Note: Etheric implants are also known as Archonic or Archontic implants in reference to the Archons, a name given to the negatively oriented etheric entities that took over our reality by the Gnostics.

There it is. Why are there children dying of hunger and lack of clean water? Why are there nonstop wars all across the planet at all times? Why is there so much hate and exclusion? Why is there so much scarcity? Because it causes us to emit extremely dark, negative emotions in reaction to our dark, negative environment, and these entities need this energy to survive. That is the key. They need complete secrecy because if we realized we had leeches or ticks embedded in our skin, we would extract them. The same principle applies here.

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