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Other Words from manifest Adjective manifestly adverb. Choose the Right Synonym for manifest Adjective evident , manifest , patent , distinct , obvious , apparent , plain , clear mean readily perceived or apprehended. Examples of manifest in a Sentence Adjective The argument, for all of its manifest inadequacies … captured the national imagination and shaped subsequent religious discourse. It provided a vocabulary, an explanation, and a new set of boundaries for the restructured American religion that had by then been developing for half a century. Sarna , American Judaism , Economics, the great model among us now, indulges and deprives, builds and abandons, threatens and promises.

Its imperium is manifest , irrefragable—as in fact it has been since antiquity. In fact, Daylight was developing a definite paunch.

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This physical deterioration was manifest likewise in his face. His love for literature is manifest in his large library. There was manifest confusion in the streets. Verb Malone has invited Barkley to spend a week … to relax, talk some basketball, eat some hot Louisiana food and kick around the subject of frustration, something they both feel but manifest in different ways. Their religious beliefs are manifested in every aspect of their lives.

Her behavior problems began manifesting themselves soon after she left home. Noun Since , a program known as the Container Security Initiative requires our main trading partners to send to U. Customs and border Protection an electronic manifest for every U. Recent Examples on the Web: Adjective Her reputation is in tatters and beyond salvation; her manifest lack of authority is a major impediment to resolution of the current impasse. You were never less than loved. First Known Use of manifest Adjective 14th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1 Verb 14th century, in the meaning defined above Noun , in the meaning defined at sense 1.

Learn More about manifest. The reduction is possible only when we change the mental trend and permit the gastronomist to answer directly to the reproach which he eluded in the conception of the joke.

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Here you have my explanation as to why I happen to be eating salmon with mayonnaise today just after you have loaned me some money. It will be instructive to compare this joke with one which is closely allied to it in meaning. A man who was addicted to drink supported himself in a small city by giving lessons. His vice gradually became known and he lost most of his pupils in consequence. A friend of his took it upon himself to admonish him to reform. Why not do it? Shall I give up drinking in order to obtain scholars? The answer is a direct one. It lies merely in the change in order of the same material, or to be more exact, in the reversal of the means-and-end relationship between drink and giving lessons or getting scholars.

For me, drink is the most important thing and not the scholars. Giving lessons is only a means towards more drink. The technique in this case is quite complicated. It is a combination of double meaning sub-group f and displacement. The wording of the question admits a double meaning. The joke arises from the fact that the answer is given not in the sense expected by the questioner, but has a different subordinate sense. By making the displacement retrogressive we are accordingly in position to find a reduction which leaves the double meaning in the expression and still does away with the wit.

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A bath? What is that? It is simply either a spiteful or playful exaggeration. You do not emphasize enough the fact that his ignorance is forgiven on account of his wealth. Here we may be prepared for the objection which might be raised, namely, that we are seeking to tear asunder these delicate differentiations which really belong together. Does not every double meaning furnish occasion for displacement and for a deviation of the stream of thought from one sense to another? It is true that a relation between double meaning and displacement actually exists, but it has nothing to do with our differentiation of the techniques of wit.

In cases of double meaning the wit contains nothing but a word capable of several interpretations which allows the hearer to find the transition from one thought to another, and which with a little forcing may be compared to a displacement. In the cases of displacement-wit, however, the witticism itself contains a stream of thought in which the displacement is brought about.

Here the displacement belongs to the work which is necessary for its understanding. Should this differentiation not be clear to us we can make use of the reduction method, which is an unfailing way for tangible demonstration.

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We do not deny, however, that there is something in this objection. It calls our attention to the fact that we cannot confuse the psychic processes in the formation of wit the wit-work with the psychic processes in the conception of the wit the understanding-work. The object of our present investigation will be confined only to the former.

Are there still other examples of the technique of displacement? They are not easily found, but the following witticism is a very good specimen. It also shows a lack of overemphasized logic found in our former examples. Here the displacement is very striking. The horse-dealer mentions the early arrival in the small city only with the obvious intention of proving the efficiency of the horse. The client disregards the capacity of the animal, about which he evidently has no more doubts, and takes up only the data of the example selected for the test. The reduction of this joke is comparatively simple.

More difficulties are encountered by another example, the technique of which is very obscure. It can be solved, however, through the application of double meaning with displacement. It belongs to a class which will claim more of our attention later. After the engagement had been announced the news leaked out that the father was still living and serving a sentence in prison. The suitor reproached the agent for deceiving him.

Do you call that living? Here, however, another factor comes into consideration which disturbs the understanding of the technique through its obtrusiveness. Its object serves a different purpose. We shall also defer our attempt at reduction. The answer is given from the viewpoint of a rich man.

The beggar acts as if it were his own money that he was willing to sacrifice for his health, as if money and health concerned the same person. Henceforth, even if only by way of contrast association, we shall be reminded of other jokes which, on the contrary, present clearly something contradictory, something nonsensical, or foolish.

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We shall be curious to discover wherein the technique of the witticism lies. I shall first present the strongest and at the same time the purest example of the entire group. Once more it is a Jewish joke. Ike was serving in the artillery corps.

enter He was seemingly an intelligent lad, but he was unwieldy and had no interest in the service. I would advise you to buy a cannon and make yourself independent. The advice, which makes us laugh heartily, is obvious nonsense. There are no cannon to be bought and an individual cannot possibly make himself independent as a fighting force or establish himself, as it were.

One cannot remain one minute in doubt but that this advice is not pure nonsense, but witty nonsense and an excellent joke. By what means does the nonsense become a witticism? We need not meditate very long. From the discussions of the authors in the Introduction we can guess that sense lurks in such witty nonsense, and that this sense in nonsense transforms nonsense into wit. In our example the sense is easily found. The officer who gives the artilleryman, Ike, the nonsensical advice pretends to be stupid in order to show Ike how stupidly he is acting.

How would he take care of the cannon and acquaint himself with its mechanism in order to meet the competition of other possessors of cannon? I am breaking off the analysis of this example to show the same sense in nonsense in a shorter and simpler, though less glaring case of nonsense-wit. It can thus open our eyes to the fact that that piece of wisdom so reverently scanned, is neither more nor less than sheer nonsense.

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Here I can add a third example which, owing to its context, scarcely deserves a detailed description. It serves, however, to illustrate the use of nonsense in wit in order to represent another element of nonsense.