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Join the 50, who get the freshest future-of-journalism news in our daily email. With a new round of funding, Wondery is ready to push podcasts overseas Plus: China cracks down on the audio market, British reality fuels a British podcast, and a Feisty new show.

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Nicholas Quah With a new round of funding, Wondery is ready to push podcasts overseas. Plus: China cracks down on the audio market, British reality fuels a British podcast, and a Feisty new show. To promote and elevate the standards of journalism.

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Exploring the art and craft of story. And there's no shortage of folks much smarter than me absolutely losing their shit over this appointment. Me, I'm looking on the bright side. Knowing Bolton has President Skidmark's ear will give us all a renewed sense of gratitude, right? Meanwhile, Diamond Joe Biden and The Man With Phalangeal Stunting keep threatening to beat each other up, but the only real loser in this fight is anyone who read a think piece about it. Dowd was reportedly tired of the President ignoring his advice, while Drumpf was in turn disappointed in his lawyer's inability to magically enable him to escape decades worth of criminal activity without consequences.

Rumored additions to the Shart's legal team have hit some snags. Speaking of legal problemz, the Marmalade Shartcannon was issued a summons in an emoluments suit.

How the Finnish survive without small talk

I think there's room for zany farce about the Poo Mistake's lawyers struggling to keep his various lawsuits straight. A little much-needed good news here, as Kellyanne Conway solved the opioid crisis! If you crazy kids would just stop counting calories and allow yourself a french fry now and again, you wouldn't need drugs, you sillies! President String-of-Used-Anal-Beads-Found-on-a-Playground escalated his little hobby trade war with China , and the stock market tanked , which is what everyone said would happen.

They're hitting America's farmers particularly hard, in an effort to turn the President's political base against the steel tariffs. Again, Trade War Guccifer 2.

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While they're damaging to Circus Peanut Sydney Greenstreet, I for one wish these sex scandal stories would go away, if only because I'm tired of the images they conjure I just want a President who doesn't want to fuck his own daughter, okay? Is that asking so much? Jim Risch is one of those Senators you never hear about. You kind of assume he just sits in the back row, playing Angry Birds on his phone, and passing notes with Jerry Moran making fun of Rand Paul during filibusters.

Home Congratulations! Please click here to download the Eagle Scout Certificate of Recognition. Please note that mailed requests are no longer accepted. Adams, M. Surgeon General of the U. President Carter wants all requests in writing to the above address, or by FAX to: President William J. President Barack H. Obama and Mrs. Michelle Obama P. Box Washington, DC www. We do not have a current address for Mr. Biden as the Biden Foundation has informed us that it has suspended operations. Mike Dunleavy Governor's Office P. Box Juneau, AK Click here for instructions on how to request letters of recognition.

Box Boise, ID Matt Bevin Gov. Box Baton Rouge, LA Janet T. Gretchen Whitmer Office of the Governor P. Phil Bryant Gov. Box Jackson, MS Box Jefferson City, MO Pete Ricketts Office of the Governor P. Box Lincoln, NE Andrew M. Doug Burgum Governor 's Office E. Boulevard Ave. Bismarck, ND Kevin Stitt State Capitol Bldg. Kristi L. Greg Abbott Office of the Governor P. Box Austin, TX Gary R. Albert Bryan Jr. Thomas, VI Sablan Memorial Bldg. The national chief and national vice chief and the national chairman want to recognize each Eagle on the great accomplishment of obtaining Eagle.

The letters are intended for all Boy Scouts and not just members of the OA. Mayor Rudolph W. Sons of the American Revolution W. Main St. Writing directly to the national office address above will delay the response.

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Lanham, Maryland To request the certificate, click here. United States Submarine Veterans, Inc. Box Edison NJ Info islamicscouting. Theodore E. If the Court of Honor is for multiple Eagle Scouts, please identify ALL of the Scouts, and certificates will be supplied for all of them regardless of religion. Please do NOT include a self addressed stamped envelope. For Jewish Scouts: Mr. If a name or organization has been removed from this list, it is because we have had specific requests to NOT send letters to them.

In particular, the following people and groups have asked that they be removed:. William J. Bennett, Pat Boone, William F. Willard Marriot, Allan H. James R. Moffett, Mr. Stephen Bechtel. Mike Rowe star of Dirty Jobs no longer sends personalized copies of his letter , Click here for details. The Lions Clubs' Scouting Recognition program is being phased out. However, for a limited time you may create a recognition letter for your Scout. Click here to see other special Special Eagle Scout Recognitions that can be requested.

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Ask Andy. Baloo's Bugle. E-mail Lists. Merit Badges. Custom Search. It is also courteous to include a self addressed stamped envelope when writing to private individuals or organizations.

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  6. That is usually not necessary when writing to government officials. The list below is, to our best knowledge, accurate as of November 28, Please forward comments, corrections, or additions to: Paul S. Wolf, Secretary, U. Scouting Service Project, Inc. US Government Officials Due to security measures which can delay receipt of letters sent through the US Mail, we recommend using online forms or e-mail whenever possible when contacting US Government officials.

    The U. Army's Youth Certificate of Recognition program has been suspended. Heather Wilson Secretary of the Air Force. Goldfein Chief of Staff of the Air Force.

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