Biblical Interpretation: An Integrated Approach

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Synopsis About this title Whether we admit it or not everyone interprets the Bible.

Biblical Interpretation: An Integrated Approach

From the Back Cover : "Tate offers an informed and balanced study of variety in biblical interpretation. Randolph Tate brings the advantages of an integrated understanding of biblical hermeneutics to a new generation of interpreters. In the process his typology proves itself a flexible and reliable framework for the study of biblical hermeneutics.

An array of indexes, a steady stream of discussion questions, and well-stocked lists of further reading make this a very usable introduction to contemporary biblical interpretation.

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Shepherd , Vetus Testamentum "Tate's third edition of his Biblical Interpretation reveals a mature approach to the subject of hermeneutics. Review questions are included with each chapter to help the reader think through the issues. This volume is a helpful addition to resources on interpretation. Its focus on three worlds [author, text, and reader] provides a perspective that will help readers balance their approach in the exegetical process. Fantin , Bibliotheca Sacra "This is a useful work which provides a good survey of the problems of interpreting biblical texts and the different methods available to the interpreter to make sense of these ancient writings.

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Biblical Interpretation: An Integrated Approach

The World Within the Text. How the Hebrew Bible Communicates as Literature. Integrating the Three Worlds. The NeverEnding Story.

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How Methods Affect Interpretation. Methods That Focus on the World in Front of. Tate's thesis is that the three worlds "realities" of the author, text, and reader necessarily converge in the production of meaning.

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  7. Chapter 10, the new material, is a reading of the Gospel of Mark in which Tate tries to answer his critics' objection that he never integrated the three hermeneutical worlds of author, text, and reader. There is also a short concluding chapter chap. For Tate, hermeneutics should not be seen as the recovery of a meaning that is inherent within a text.

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    Rather, hermeneutics is an enterprise that studies the production of meaning, particularly on the reader's part. On the whole, Tate presents a systematic and coherent view, and reviewers who are looking for inconsistencies will be disappointed. At the same time, a review of some of Tate's major conclusions on important hermeneutical points will illustrate that he opts for what can only be characterized as a conservative position within the broader literary-critical undertaking.

    Hebrew Studies 40 Reviews First, Tate opposes fonnalist views of the autonomy of the text, particularly New Criticism and Structuralism.

    watch He vigorously maintains that although texts can be appreciated aesthetically apart from their originating contexts, "a knowledge of those originating circumstances will inevitably increase the appreciation of a text" p. Ultimately, no "plausible" interpretation can ignore the original contexts. Even the world of a fictional text "is in the real world while being outside of it," and therefore, the world of the text must be defined "exclusively in terms of the real world" against which it originated pp. Second, Tate's emphasis upon the original context of production would seem to make historical studies, particularly historical-criticism, crucial to the henneneutical enterprise.

    However , his actual position about the place of historical studies in henneneutics is ambivalent.