Aimer tue (La Bleue) (French Edition)

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Carmen, I love you! For if you did, you'd follow me over there. You'd take me up behind you on your horse and like a daredevil you'd carry me off across the country! Away over there into the mountains! Quitter mon drapeau Je n'en veux pas! The open sky, the wandering life, the whole wide world your domain; for law your own free will, and above all, that intoxicating thing: Freedom!

Carmen, alas!

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Stop it! Have pity! Take me away over there! I won't listen to you! To abandon my colours - to desert I'll have none of it! I hate you! And goodbye for ever! Goodbye, goodbye for ever! Who's there?

My lovely lady! This isn't a happy choice; it's demeaning to take the soldier when you've got the officer. It's going to rain blows! Gypsies appear from all sides. Carmen points to Zuniga. Rel officier, l'amour vous joue en ce moment un assez vilain tour. En attendant, mon officier, passez devant sans vous faire prier! My fine officer, love at the moment is playing you a rather dirty trick. You arrival is most untimely; and alas, we are compelled, not wishing to be betrayed, to detain you Look out for yourselves later!

Meantime, my good sir, carry on without further argument! Entracte The officer is led out by four gypsies armed with pistols. And above all that intoxicating thing: Freedom! The open sky, the wandering life, the whole wide world your domain; your own free will for law, and above all that intoxicating thing: Freedom! The night is dark and the solitude complete. During the musical prelude a smuggler appears at the top of the rocks, then another, then two more, and finally twenty here and there, climbing and scrambling over the rocks.

Some of them are carrying heavy bales on their shoulders. There's danger up above, and down below, it's everywhere - what of it! We go forward without worrying about the torrent, without worrying about the storm, without worrying about the soldier who's waiting for us over there, and keeping a sharp lookout for us - we go forward without worrying! Les autres se roulent dans leurs manteaux, se couchent et s'endorment. ALL Listen, friend, listen, etc. Alas, she is mistaken!

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Et tu refais fort bien de partir au plus vite. Que m'importe?

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Our calling, you see, means nothing to you. Listen, if you say that word again! What a look - you don't answer What do I care? After all, Fate is master. Rien, c'est cela! Trois cartes ici Et maintenant, parlez, mes belles, de l'avenir, donnez-nous des nouvelles ; dites-nous qui nous trahira, dites-nous qui nous aimera! Parlez, parlez! Good, that's that! Three cards here And now speak, my loveliness, give us news of the future; tell us who's going to betray us, tell us who's going to love us! Carreau, pique J'ai bien lu Ensuite lui I'm a widow and I inherit! They begin to consult the cards again.

She starts to turn up the cards. Diamond, spade I read it clearly Then him In vain to avoid bitter replies, in vain will you shuffle; that achieves nothing, the cards are truthful and will not lie!

If your page in the book up above is a happy one shuffle and cut without fear, the card under your fingers will turn up nicely, foretelling good luck. Toujours la mort. Toujours la mort!

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Always Death! We'll try to get through, and we shall get through! I saw three customs men on the pass we must go through: we must get rid of them. TOUS Il est galant! ALL He is gallant! ALL He loves to please! S'il faut aller jusqu'au sourire, que voulez-vous, on sourira! En avant! Tout le monde sort. Il est ici, je le verrai If it's necessary to go as far as a smile, what of it? On our way! Everyone leaves. He is here, I shall see him Je ne puis approcher. On entend un coup de feu.

Alone in this wild place, all alone, I'm afraid, but I do wrong to be afraid; you will give me courage, you will protect me, Lord.

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I shall get a close look at this woman whose evil wiles have finished by making a criminal of the man I once loved: she is dangerous, she is beautiful, but I won't be afraid, I shall speak out in front of her. Lord, you will protect me! I say that nothing will frighten me, etc. Recitative I'm not mistaken I can't come any nearer. He's aiming A shot is heard. Ah, my God! I overestimated my strength! She disappears behind the rocks. At the same moment Escamillo comes in, holding his hat in his hand. Doucement, l'ami! I'm Escamillo, the Granada matador!

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You're welcome; but truly, comrade, that could have been the end of you. C'est une zingara, mon cher. Ils s'adoraient, mais c'est fini, je crois. Les amours de Carmen ne durent pas six mois. She's a gypsy girl, my friend. She had as a lover a soldier who once deserted on her account.